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 After my recent book art post this was introduced to be by Moon Under Water, awesome stuff from Brian Dettmer


“Another intriguing part of our trip to Detroit came via a presentation from artist/incurable romantic Jonathan Brand. To pay for an engagement ring, he was forced to sell a 1969 Ford Mustang he had spent years restoring, but even marital bliss couldn’t wrench his thoughts away from the car he had loved and lost. So he set about recreating it in painstaking detail, using paper and a colour printer, working from the memories of his beloved vehicle. The results are staggering in terms of technical prowess, accuracy and the emotional pull of the final piece – the paper acting as a metaphor for the fragility of love for cars and/or people.” – via it’s nice that Read the rest of this entry »

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If Geiger were a romantic! Phenomenal mixed media assemblages by sculptor Kris Kuksi Read the rest of this entry »

lori nixlori nixlori nixfantastic miniature scale works by Lori Nix Read the rest of this entry »

“The Traffic Light tree was created by French sculptor Pierre Vivant following a competition run by the Public Art Commissions Agency. It is situated on a roundabout near Canary Wharf, at the junctions of Heron Quay Bank, Marsh Wall and Westferry Road, in one of London’s financial districts. In 2005, Saga Motor Insurance commissioned a survey asking British motorists about the best and worst roundabouts in the country. The Traffic Light tree was the clear favourite, with it’s 8 metres tall and containing 75 sets of lights.” via – recyclart

Incredible ceramics from artist Kate MacDowell

The geometric forms of San Francisco based sculptor Corey Best

Robot HarrisonRobot MercuryRobot Walt

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WÜRSA. 2008. Palais de Tokyo, Paris, via we-find-wildness-com

WÜRSA. 2008. Palais de Tokyo, Paris
found on unruly

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