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“Having made illegal street art for years without being caught I’d started to forget that it was a crime. So when I was arrested earlier this year I began to think more seriously about its criminality. This interest grew into a ‘side project’ which quickly blew out into the largest street art campaign I’ve undertaken.

I started by searching through the police documents at the South Australian State Records. The photography of the early 1920s stood out immediately for its technical qualities so I narrowed my search to the record GRG5/58/unit103.

I began selecting criminal’s mug shots based mostly on the immediate impact of the image. Whether through their defiant pride, amused irreverence or shamed humiliation some faces drew me in and those where the ones I chose. I was also attracted by the more innocuous offences, especially those that have since been decriminalised. Judging by their expression, the dubious offence of ‘idle and disorderly’ seemed as laughable then as it does now. Likewise, the supposed ‘offence’ of ‘attempted suicide’ or ‘sodomy’ seemed to confuse the convicted as much as their criminal classification offends us today.

By evoking the power of nostalgia and the notion of historic value I knew I could use these images to confront the idea of the criminal as an outsider, especially in the context of street art as a criminal act.

I began pasting up the posters at night before I realised it would be much safer during the day dressed as a legitimate worker. This approach also seemed more fitting to the theme of questioning the criminality of street art. So when I donned the high vis vest and went about my business I didn’t feel like a criminal, I felt as thought I was performing a public good.

Adelaide’s Forgotten Outlaws from Peter Drew on Vimeo. Read the rest of this entry »

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

Awesome time lapses by DKNG studios based in Santa Monica, DKNG

Genius… MK12

Acrylic Squid’s Milk Munny Auction, went off without a hitch on Friday at the Monorchid Gallery. Something I was fortunate enough to be a part of… all of the submissions were great, some absolutely fantastic, a good night for the Phoenix art scene.. All proceeds went to the keep a breast foundation..

[Acrylic Squid on facebook]

razor blades, spraypaint, & glassrazor blades, spraypaint, & glassrazor blades, spraypaint, & glassrazor blades, spraypaint, & glass
legendary reverse stencils: razor blades, spraypaint, & glass… From artist & graphic designer Tim Brennan

Below: live painting in phoenix…

Picture3-1.png Picture 3.png picture by sirugoPicture4-2.png Picture 4.png picture by sirugo
beautiful french animation, tragic really…
watch it (here)
or go to the (official site)

Objectified trailer:

Food Fight:

one of several videos shot in a stop frame fashion, it has a short focus and saturation that makes the whole thing look like toys. (loutit)

You Suck at Photoshop #5: Select Color Range: