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 After my recent book art post this was introduced to be by Moon Under Water, awesome stuff from Brian Dettmer


very nice.

“they’re cameras from the 50’s & 60’s that i’ve permanently converted to night lights.

i’ve removed the shutter, film transport, and as much extras plastic as possible to make it light enough to stick in a standard outlet.”

See Jason’s other cameras here

“Hand carved and crafted from off cuts, this red walnut base lamp features a large Edison light bulb, a silver toggle switch and a cotton power cord. As simple as it gets.” Dimensions: 3″ x 6″ x 2″ Get it here


‘During the 1960s and 70s, thousands of monuments commemorating the Second World War – called ‘Spomeniks’ – were built throughout the former Yugoslavia; striking monumental sculptures, with an angular geometry echoing the shapes of flowers, crystals, and macro-views of viruses or DNA. In the 1980s the Spomeniks still attracted millions of visitors from the Eastern bloc; today they are largely neglected and unknown, their symbolism lost and unwanted. Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers travelled the Balkans photographing these eerie objects, presented in this book as a powerful typological series. The beauty and mystery of the isolated, crumbling Spomeniks informs Kempenaer’s enquiry into memory, found beauty, and whether former monuments can function as pure sculpture.’

Roma Publications

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The Pointer Pipe-LightThe Knot Pipe-Light
Looking on etsy (which is awesome) for various lights and found these custom pipe lights from Mesh Architectures Read the rest of this entry »

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“One window, about one hundred and eighty square feet … and a seven-year process of deliberating every last detail of this Seattle apartments’ design. It makes sense, in a way, since its engineer designs the interiors of (notoriously space-frugal) airplanes for a living.” Read the rest of this entry »

Pinch EL (Electroluminescence) Light by Shinyoung Mapinch2pinch3
“Hang up lights to suit your mood simply by clipping on electro-luminescent sheets of paper to a hard-wire clip called the Pinch. Simple idea that leaves the door wide open for all kinds of interchangeable lighting options. I can envisage guest designers and artists contributing to the system to build one-of-a-kind lighting kits. I wish this weren’t just a concept. Designer: Shinyoung Ma” [via] preik

Like This!


A celebration of engineering more-so than death-mongering… Fantastic series by photographer Jim Naughten

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“The history of measurement has come full circle, from body-based units to abstracted quantifiers … and now back again to the basics. From lengths and widths to volumes, this set of finger-mounted devices is designed to let the user measure anything, store that data, calculate results and more.” – [via] dornob

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“Artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector recently constructed this incredible towering obelisk made entirely out of bikes on a street corner in Santa Rosa. Dubbed Cyclisk, the monument is an ode to bike culture constructed from 340 bicycles and one tricycle.” nice… via recyclart

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Beautiful. Braun PS 2 record turntable by Dieter Rams

Designers Ian Spencer and Cairn Young‘s Yard Sale Project
“Yard Sale Project is taking one-off hand-made furniture in new directions. Combining the latest advances in computer aided design and materials with the rigour and discipline of traditional making skills, we cleave wood from tradition and free plastic from the factory. We use everything available to make anything possible”
via design-milk;
“just one of more than 220 highly talented designer/Makers have been chosen to exhibit at Origin: The London Craft Fair, which will take place September 23-29th during this year’s London Design Festival.”

“Post-Steampunk Tables” by Designer Tim Byrne
via dornob
who say “Tim Byrne not only reuses old factory machines to build these unique works, but makes them work within the new objects as well – antique wheels turning to raise or lower surface heights in a stable, sturdy and physically engaging way.”