The Pointer Pipe-LightThe Knot Pipe-Light
Looking on etsy (which is awesome) for various lights and found these custom pipe lights from Mesh Architectures
Little Guy Pipe-LightBig Split Pipe-LightCustom Install
“Founded in 1997 MESH Architectures is a hybrid architectural practice, re-conceiving relationships between people and their environments in the age of the digital network.
MESH is known for innovative home, retail, installation and Web design. Based in New York City, many of our projects are renovations where we integrate contemporary materials and techniques into old structures. Created by MESH principal Eric Liftin, our signature pipe-lights assembled from standard cast-iron fittings are a perfect example of this approach: they offer a look that is both contemporary and traditional, hi-tech and rustic, complementing both new and remodeled spaces. MESH pipe-lights available in various formats, come in rough iron, galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum. With over a decade of experience in residential and commercial design, site-specific lighting installations are also our specialty.”